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Travel guide

Traveling experience by train in Vietnam

If you have to choose between soft sleeper overnight bus and soft sleeper overnight train, don’t hesitate to choose train traveling . Traveling by train in Vietnam is an unforgettable experience and also safer mode. You have spectacular views of the mountains and of the beautiful beaches. You can also be free to walk around in the train or try some local food for sale on train If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Vietnam has to offer, try to get a day train. However, if you are just looking for transportation, then nighttime would be sufficient.
However, to keep your train trip positive, there are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to maintain a positive experience. Let check below part for our tips.

Buying ticket
Ticket should be bought as soon as possible if you want to travel by train . That would ensure you would get your favourite choice of seat or berth. Each cabin in the train would have 4 or 6 berths which is suitable for small groups of friends/family to occupy. You buy a private cabin and lock your property inside

Trans Vietnam trains

It is quite far for transferring from entrance gate to the train so your luggage should be packed light and conveniently. Casual clothes are advised to use in the train so that you can feel comfortable the most. You can keep your luggage under your berth or at the space above the cabin. As it is quite crowed at the train station so you be careful with your belonging

Long sleeves shirts and long pants should be used as it help you to avoid chill at night. Besides, you can also carry a light jacket or a scarf for different purposes.

There is a canteen on the train where serve some snack , noodle , porridge etc…. Some train even serve local lunch/ dinner during lunch/ dinner time. Food on train is simple and sometimes not very tasty so you can have meal before boarding your train . If you are in a long train trip then you should carry along some fruit, snack and water

Soft sleeper cabin

Restroom :
At each side of the cabin, there is a toilet area which will be open only when the train start to run. AS there is only 1 toilet per cabin so you should wake up early to use it. If you do not want to use water in the train, you can use your own bottle of water. Before you embark on an epic train ride over Vietnam, it is important to keep in mind that the Vietnamese railway will not be as modern as the Singapore or Japanese railway. The Vietnamese railway was built over 100 years ago, which means some of the modern conveniences are just not there. For some local train, toilet paper is not supplied . But for tourists train especially those which serve for the routes to/ from Lao Cai, the rest room area are quite clean and meet tourists standard.

If you are looking for a train ticket to/ from Lao Cai for your Sapa trip, to get tourists cabins such as Victoria experess, Sapaly express, Livitrans express, Tulico, Fansipan express, King express etc…. There are many for you to choose with nice soft sleeper wooden AC cabins with clean and modern rest room

Traveling by train might slightly more expensive than traveling by bus but much more safer and more comfortable. The highways in Vietnam can sometimes be chaotic and different. Different from what people from wealthier countries would expect.
Traveling by train is normally half price of what people would have to pay for if they travel by flight.

Overall, your traveling experience by train in Vietnam will be uniquely beautiful and unforgettable. If you what to experience Vietnam as local do, try to take a train and talk to local.

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