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Exploring Hue in 24 hours

 Exploring Hue in 24 hours

What would you do if you have 24 hours in Hue city ? Below is the recommended list of what you should do, visit, taste and enjoy in this charming city.

Peaceful morning in Hue:
5h: Getting on your vehcile for the early drive to Thuan An Beach to contemplating the splendid sunrise scene as sipping a cup of coffee.
Thuan An beach is situated near by Thuan An mouth, where Huong River runs to Tam Giang lagoon and then to the sea...Far from Hue 15 km, only 15 minutes by car, tourists are able to reach the beach. Plenty small boats, junks drift up an down the river in the left of the route, and on the right there are houses, temples, pagodas, rice field, and gardens successively spread out....Thuan An is a very enjoyable place for all tourists after a full day to visit Citadel, mausoleums, pagodas, and Hue scenery...

Thuan An is also the place, where Hue people gather to enjoy the fresh air and sea-bathing in summer time.

6h: Pose in Quoc Hoc university – one of the biggest university in Hue . Up to 4000 meter square so you can try jogging or riding your bicycle around this university for a good morning excise

7h: Morning class time which mean if you spot yourselves in front of schools, chance for great photoshoot of gentle and elegant Hue ‘s girls in their traditional long dress is quite a lot

8.00am. Enjoy delicious Xoi Thit Hon ( glutnous steam rice and pork ribs in clay pot) at the restaurant at the corner of Truong Dinh – Pham Hong Thai T -Junction. It would cost you only 20.000 VND per dish – simple but tasty. It is signature dish of this restaurant and sell out very quickly.

9.00am. Morning coffee drinking is a daily habit of local people in Hue. Coffee house on Truong Dinh street are normally very crowded every weekdays and weekend.


Shopping time. You can drop by local market in Hue to practice your negotion skills. Just round 100 meters north of Truong Tien Bridge, Dong Ba Market is situated near the eastern corner of the Citadel, in the north bank of the romantic Perfume River, near the place where the Dong Ba Canal merges with the Huong river

Dong Ba - the largest market in Thua Thien-Hue. You are eager for purchasing craft products as Hue’s gifts for your dearests and fearest? Well, Dong Ba market is the right place to spend your precious time in this city. Not only being a largest-sized market in the past, Dong Ba market retains its role till now. It has always been providing "stage" for the traditional crafts in Hue, and sells to all those who are fond of; examples are Phu Cam conical hats, Hien Luong scissors, bronze articles of the Duc guild, Phuoc Tich pottery, Bao La rattan and bamboo products, Ke Mon jewelry, Nam Thuan sweets, Tuan tea, Huong Can mandarins, Luong Quan-Nguyet Bieu pomelos, and Tinh Tarn lotus.

Besides, for those who are interested in Southeast Asian food, the market supplies a lot during daytime, such as clam rice, beef noodles, shrimp cakes, pancakes, bean puddings, sour shrimps, and My Lai shredded lean meat, which are popular Hue’s daily dishes. If you stay here on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, you can share the custom of the locals by buying "five-color" cakes, which are small & square cakes made of bean and rice powder. The name “five-color” derives from the cakes’ 5 colors of wrapping papers. When biting the cake, you can feel that it seems to immediately melt in the mouth, which is of uniqueness of Hue’s specialty. Hence, it’s advised that you try these as much as possible during your time in Hue, or else you will miss them so much after coming back to your country!

Cultural values. Today, people visit Dong Ba Market not only because they can buy myriad goods and local specialties, but because in their hearts it is a symbol of Hue's culture. What was the most delicate material cultural traits of the city can be found here in the local traditional products, like Phu Cam conical hat, Hien Luong scissors, etc., and the mentioned delicious specialties, such as mussel rice, rice noodle with beef, leaf cake, shrimp springroll, khoai cake, dau van pudding, etc. that people could not help tasting!

Tip: You should cut down the price in half when you receive the first price from shop owners.

Schedule for noon:

11.00: Tasting signature dishes at Hang Me restaurant in Hue such as Banh Beo Chen ( Steamed rice dumpling with cotton shrimps), Banh bot loc ( Vietnamese clear shrimp and pork dumpling), Banh Nam , Banh Uot, Banh Ram It etc…. are a must as one traveling to Hue. This restaurant is famous for strong taste of shrimp stuffing and shreded dry shrimpt. Shop owner are friendly and hospitable. Portion are served with reasonale rate of 30.000 – 40.000 VND/ 1 person

12.00. Trying yahourt at small shop on Nguyen Hue street. The shop is simple with some small table and chair but it is always crowded everyday. Each portion is cheap with 5.000 VND/ cup.

13.00h: Enjoy fine European dinning and atmostphere ar DMZ, Little Italy, Hung V??ng Inn,… These places atract a lot foreigner tourists when they visit Hue

14h: Visiting Imperial citadel in Hue. At the city’s heart, on the river’s left bank, is the Chinese-style Vietnamese imperial citadel, Dai Noi, from which the Nguyen family controlled southern and central Vietnam from the mid-16th to the mid-20th century. The citadel’s 7-mile (11-km) walled circumference enclosed priceless artifacts of Vietnamese civilization.

This is a favourite place for both young and old people in Hue where they can play football, playing kite, practing badminton or riding bicycle.

15.00: Enjoy your afternoon snack at Huyen Anh Grilled meat restaurant on Kim Long street. Fresh rice noodle and fresh summer roll are delicious. It would cost you around 12.000 VND for a small plate of summer roll and around 12.000 VND per bowl of grilled meat with noodle.

Hue at dusk:
16.00: Hop on a cylo (three-wheeled pedi-cabs) for a city tour. he historic city of Hue in a traditional cyclo.
As Vietnam's former imperial capital and home to the Royal Court, the Hue Citadel's small streets and lanes are perfect for the slow cyclo ride.
It's not difficult to find a cyclo in Hue, as the town of 345,000 people is home to nearly 5,000 of cyclo . They can be found almost on any street and at any time of the day.

Climbing up Vong Canh Hill for a great panorama of Hue city especially the Kings Nguyen’s tombs.With the height of 43m only, the hill is located 7km from Hue centre, with its foot lying next to slowly flowing Perfume River. This can easily be seen from its name: “Vong” means watch, observe; “Canh” means scene.
This area is filled up with royal tombs of not only King Tu Duc but also Dong Khanh's, Thieu Tri's and several Queens'. Combined with the complex of royal monuments is Hon Chen Temple, a place that local people worship YA-Na Goddess and Lieu Hanh Goddess on the opposite site, which makes Vong Canh an ideal place for tourists joining tours in Vietnam to picture an ancient but magnificent Hue city.
In addition, viewers are often seduced by the villages stretching along the river banks: Huong Ho, Hai Cat, Ngoc Ho, etc. with fruit gardens under the shades of pine trees, corn field, small boats silently skimming and then drawing several lines on the tranquil water surface. From sunrise to sunset, the soft-silk-strip Perfume River charms bystanders by the atmosphere that it brings to the life surrounding. Vong Canh Hill overlooks the marvelous and elaborate modifications of the water colors upon various nuances of sunlight and sky.

If you are making a tour to Vietnam, and are coming to Vong Canh hill, watch the scene only! Maybe, nothing is to be entertaining but for those who are looking for natural beautiful landscapes and quietness, that ‘s perfect enough

18.00 : Trying Hue mussle cooked rice/ soup/ noodle and get a corn and coconut sweet soup recipe for desert at bargain price. 6.000 – 12.000/ bowl and 5000 VND per bowl of sweet soup.

19.00: Crossing Trang Tien bidge which look like a colorful rainbow over Huong River at night. This undeniably romantic bridge links the Citadel with Hue's new town area, crossing the Perfume River. The bridge itself is a photographer's dream and something of a national icon. At night it glows with winking lights as vendors cater to the couples who come to stroll across the river, but at any time it's a fun scene with plenty to observe.

20.00. Stop by conner foodstall on Hung Vuong street and enjoy many kind of Hue sweet soup esp Bot Loc Thit Quay sweet soup

21.00: Lying on Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, along Huong River, Hue night streets consists of 122 stalls, divided into 3 sections: traditonal handicragfts, consumer goods and cuisine. The streets which open every night from 5.00pm to 11.00pm is a good place for tourists to come and taste delicious local food, purchase eyes catching souvernir, decorative items, or just simply enjoy the night life with the locals. You can try a night cruise along Huong River for enjoying city nightlife.

22.00: Trying streer snack on roadside eateries .

23h: With 6 .000 VND, you can get a cup of coffee at a lake side coffee house. Chance tobstay up late and chat with your friends

24h: Walking on Nguyen Hue streets, enjoying the peaceful scenery of the sleeping cities. Roadside foodstalls are still up and chance for you to fill up your stomach if you are hungry.

A new day as come.
Start your day with morning exercise and you would feel very refreshing as passing by streets of Hue, heading to the Imperial citadel and Trang Tien bridge .


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