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Travel guide

Travel guide in Da Nang

Da Nang attracts tourists with pristine beaches, spectacular forests, the delicious food with sincere smiles of the people.

Tourists can go to Da Nang by train, car or airplane
By public vehicles
You can buy tickets of passenager cars, trains and airplane at bus, train station and airport or travel agents at all of provinces of the whole country

By private vehicles
Going by bikes and cars is just applied for close provinces with the short distance, tourists often use public vehicles to go to Da Nang and then borrow vehicles from their relatives or hire bikes to visit and explore this destination.
In addition, you can explore Da Nang by the bus system. The disadvantage of this mean is slow and inconvenient. Specially, at present, Da Nang has had Da Nang city tour and Ba Na tour by helicopter with rather expensive price, from 4,900,000 VND and higher.

Impressive Da Nang - green city
Which season you should come?
Tourists can come to Da Nang on all of months in a year, it means toursim season of Da Nang is year-round. However, if you do not want to be in room during your time in Da Nang, you should avoid going on the occasion having storm (Da Nang is frequently affected by storms) or the rainy season.

Motels and hotels
Room rates at motels and hotels in Da Nang has a rather big different basing on the infrastructure, so you should make reference on the price before booking.
Hoa Phuong motel and Cong Doan hotel are often prefered to book by touristss. The room rates are arnging from 80,000 - 200,000 VND/ room (for 2 - 4 persons)

Sublimation under the light of fireworks
Specialities of Da Nang
There are so many specialties in Da Nang, in addition to steamed beef and "tre Ba De", almost are foods eaten at spot such as jellyfish salad, sauce noddles, pork roll, "cu" fish (a type of fish which is white and very deliciuos), fried squid, Nam O fish salad, Quang noodles, Cau Mong calf, shrimp...

Refer to Da Nang, they often think about Marble mounatin - a mountain associated with many legends from the beginning of natural terrain. Come to Marble mountain, you will have chance to conquer a range of different caves, learn about different legends. But there is a very special one: you can look down and gaze a beautiful Da Nang.

Recently, tourists start to take their eyes to pristine and so grateful beaches. Among them, the most spectacular is My Khe beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Mention to Da Nang, they also do not foget to talk about a range of famous attractions as Hoi An ancient town - one of world cutural heritage with the peaceful and antique beauty; so nice Son Tra Peninsula with clear, cool blue beaches, the ancient temples with the largest Buddha statue who watchs and bless the fishermen everyday. Ba Na Mountain is in the clouds and with the air-road which makes you a little bit worry when are on the cable car to conquer the top of mountain.

Han River Park or Han bridge are also interesting destinations for tourists. However, visitors should avoid of "monkey bridge" which is swinging when having large boats to pass through. Besides, if not to note, visitors often ignore for the moment the bridge to start moving.

If you want to visit and explore the unique features of Vietnam traditional village, you can look at Tuy Loan ancient village, Nam Phong ancient village. Want to learn about making mats, fried sesame cakes or place of manufacture handicrafts by marble where is very famous nationwide, you should visit Cam Ne mat village, Cam Le sesame cake village or Non Nuoc stone carving village.

So beautiful when looking down
Besides, if tourists would like to gaze and visit communal houses, pagodas that still converse completely the architecture from previous periods, you should come to Tuy Loan communal house, Qua Giang cathedral, Nai Nam communal house, Hai Chau, Steles in Long Thu pagoda, Linh Ung pagoda, Dian Hai wall...
In addition, you also visit follow attractions: Region 5 museum, Da Nang water park, K20 historic site, Khue Trung cemetery, Thuan Phuoc fish port - fish market, Con market, Han market.

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